We offer comprehensive medical and surgical care for dogs, cats and other small animals.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for our patients, and to offer

the best possible service to our clients.  Our pets are our children; we will treat your

pets as we would our own.

~~The most compassionate staff and doctor ANYWHERE!! Dr. Mercer goes above and beyond anyone in this town. This is the only place that my pets will ever go again!! We are blessed to have them in our town.

~Cheryl Bartlett

~~ I hope the animal lovers caretakers

and pet owners in Owensboro and surrounding area come to know how they've been blessed with the opening of Doc Mercer's Animal Hospital.  One visit there and your pets will beg to go back to see Doc and his staff! 

Doc Mercer is back in HIS element!

~Colette Kramer

Dr. Campbell Mercer


Owensboro Animal Hospital 


About Us

~~ Got great service and all the

employees were very kind... I'm not going anywhere else... ty for coming

to town!!!

~Emily Fulkerson

Providing top-notch animal care isn't just what we do -- it's what we love!


Dr. Campbell Mercer is proud to be opening a full service veterinary clinic in Owensboro, KY.  The main focus of Owensboro Animal Hospital is to educate

pet owners, give accurate diagnoses, and provide the best care for your pet.

Owensboro Animal Hospital offers a wide variety of surgical and medial care for your pets and we promise that you can trust they're happy and healthy

in our hands.